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BeatBiker. Feel the Music.

BeatBiker, aka “Project Pelotune”, is our first entertainment-connected fitness app. We want to make fitness fun with workouts that connect deeply with your favorite entertainment. Especially music and sports. 

BeatBiker connects your music to your smart cycling trainer. The trainer resistance then matches the the intensity of your music so you can feel it right there in your legs.

Don’t have a cycling trainer? BeatBiker also works with your indoor rower, smart treadmill or heart-rate monitor. Don’t have any equipment at all? Just use follow-the-prompts mode.

Try the Chrome browser beta on your Mac, PC or Android device at app.beatbiker.com.

The PainSled App

Where it all began. We wanted an app for indoor rowers that collected ALL the rowing data. And synced to the Concept2 Logbook, Strava, TrainingPeaks, SportTracks, etc. And exported TCX and CSV workout files. It also included our first attempt at cycling emulation, which now lives on in RowedBiker.

Find PainSled on the App Store or Google Play.

The RowedBiker App

The cyclists had all the cool games and training apps like Zwift, TrainerRoad, and RGT. We built RowedBiker so folks with indoor rowers like Concept 2 or WaterRowers could join in the fun and/or pain.

RowedBiker uses the ExerScreen SDK emulation modes to make rowers look like cycling trainers or smart treadmills.

You can find it on the App Store or the Google Play Store.

The ExerScreen SDK

Want to build your own fitness app or experience? Use our ExerScreen SDK to:

  1. Connect cycling trainers, rowers, treadmills, and heart-rate monitors to your app.

  2. Record and store your users workouts and sync them to training platforms like Strava, TrainingPeaks, SportTracks, FitBit, and RunTracker. (Example: our PainSled app)

  3. Emulate Bluetooth cycling trainers or smart treadmills to connect your app to fitness games and experiences like Zwift or Wahoo RGT. (Example: RowedBiker and PainSled)

  4. Convert your users favorite music and sports entertainment content into deeply connected workout experiences. (Example: BeatBiker and ExerPuck)

Create Fitness Devices.

Hardware has the word “hard” in it for a reason, but we have decades of experience creating fitness and consumer electronics devices. Hardware, firmware, mechanical, manufacturing test, supply chain, and operations. We’re happy to share your product journey.

Drop us an email us at support@exerscreen.com.

The PainSled Rowing Handle

We do a lot of indoor rowing and wanted a handle that was wider, stronger, stiffer, and straighter. With the same grips as our rowing sculls. We also wanted our rowing apps in thumbing distance when playing EXR or Zwift.

So, we created the PainSled Rowing Handle. It’s a strong, lightweight carbon fiber and titanium bar. It comes with an optional 1/4”x20 mount for attaching a phone holder.

  • Grips. Pick any Concept2 adjustable skulling grip. We’ll install them for you.

  • Width. Pick a width that is most comfortable for you.

  • Straight, Stiff, Light, and Strong. Carbon fiber and titanium construction keep the PainSled Handle light, straight, and strong.

  • Gadgets! Using Discord, PainSled, RowedBiker, Zwift or EXR? ShinySled has an optional standard 1/4”x20 mounting point so you can attach a phone holder and keep those app controls right where you need them. We’ll add it for you at build time or ship you the parts if you want to hold off for now.

  • Easy on, easy off. A quick-release hook design so you can quickly swap handles for different widths, grips, or gym hygiene.

About Us

James Terrell, Founder - LinkedIN

Sales, biz-dev, and app development. He has worked on laptops, handhelds, Apple iPod, nVidia, Amazon Alexa, and retail security and has started several technology and consulting companies. Computer Science, Andrews University.

Joshua “JT” Terrell, Design - LinkedIN

Leads design, UX, mechanical and electrical engineering. He has worked in aerospace, consumer electronics, biotech, and robotics. Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Tech.

Micah Terrell, Technology - LinkedIN

All things code, especially firmware and ML model development. Amazon, kCura, MapAnything, Opendoor, and consumer electronics. Computer Science, Georgia Tech.

Investors, Partners, and Fitness A-listers

We are bootstrapped and default alive. But if you have a passion for bringing fitness motivation and good health to everyone, let’s have a conversation. Ping James on his LinkedIN.

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